Pray Like Jesus, Pt. 3 – Our Father

(Originally published 6/24/09 by Rev. Jedidiah Maschke)

In our culture, we basically have two concepts of where authority comes from. Authority is either derived from forced obedience, when one party is stronger than another and forces it to submit, or mutual assent, when both parties agree that one will submit to each other. What most people don’t get is that when God created the world, HE instituted certain authorities and certain hierarchies for the sake of good order.

Even in the Trinity, there is order: Jesus submits to His Father, and the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son. Neither person in the trinity is better than the other. For the sake of “good order,” Jesus does the will of his Heavenly Father. He submits to his Heavenly Father.
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Pray Like Jesus, Pt. 2 – Seven Ways NOT to Pray

(Originally published Jun 14, 2009 by Rev. Jedediah Maschke)

Today’s Sermon:

Last week we started our discussion on prayer by focusing on the God we pray to, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit who make up the triune God. We learned how God is beyond our comprehension, a spiritual reality we can’t describe in human terms. He is bigger than anything we could ever imagine, so big He created the entire universe, and yet He is so involved in our lives that he asks us to pray for anything we need.

The question I want to ask today is: If God is really this good, if He really does care about us this much, why do so many of our prayers seem to go unanswered? What’s getting in the way? We get a couple of hints in the Old Testament:

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Pray Like Jesus, Pt. 1 – Perfect Prayer

(Originally published Jun 7, 2009 by Rev. Jedediah Maschke)

Here’s my sermon from today:

Last Thursday Anna and I were eating lunch together before she picked up Ali from preschool. As we folded our hands, we looked over and Josiah had his hands clasped together like he was praying. In that moment, I was so proud of my boy, folding hands at the appropriate time. He’s so smart, and so observant, and so pious, and not even 8 months old…what a great kid. In retrospect, I think my enthusiasm was a little bit premature, because I haven’t seen him do it since then. But it got me wondering how it is that we learn to pray. And how do we pray to a Trinitarian God we can’t comprehend? I mean, is it even possible to pray to someone or something we just don’t get?
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